What is Groovetrail?

Providing music for those who need it most… Groovetrail is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to use talents of local Flathead Valley musicians for concerts and workshops at schools, community centers, hospitals, and outreach performances. In it’s short year in operation, Groovetrail has partnered with Whitefish High School in enhancing the summer jazz camp, produced outreach concerts at local care facilities, provided local students with discounted private music lessons, and is currently endeavoring partnerships with the Center for Restorative Youth Justice in Kalispell, the Montana Musicians and Artist’s Coalition, and the Crown of the Continent Guitar Foundation.

Groovetrail provides:

  • Private lesson sponsorships for needy students

  • Outreach concerts at local hospitals, veteran’s homes, schools, retirement communities, and shelters

  • Musical instruments for deserving and low-income students and musicians

  • Professional development opportunities for local working musicians

  • Partnerships with other local non-profits that enhance music and arts in the community


The Flathead Valley loves live music, and everyone should be able to share in the joy that it creates. Groovetrail bridges this gap within the community, and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to experience the happiness that music creates by bringing it’s gift to those who need it most.


About the Founder

Erica von Kleist working with students in Havana, Cuba

Erica von Kleist working with students in Havana, Cuba


Multi-instrumentalist and Groovetrail founder Erica von Kleist moved to the Flathead Valley from New York in 2012 hoping for some clean air, clarity, and space to write new music and start new. Humbled by the outpouring of love and support from the music community towards her new endeavors, Erica wanted to find more ways for the local musicians to be able to perform for people and demonstrate their gift of music.

Having worked for several outreach-based organizations in New York, including Jazz at Lincoln Center and Feel the Music, Erica knows what a huge impact music performance and education can have on the lives of people living in the outer reaches of the community. Erica has worked with families who have lost loved ones on September 11th, has taught music lessons to at-risk youth, and has inspired last-chance high school students to learn an instrument and perform for their families and school community. In each instance music touched a soul and healed a heart, which is what musicians strive to do every day.

Erica created Groovetrail as a platform for  local musicians to provide music to individuals who are needy, sick, elderly, or desperate for some artistic or creative reprieve from their hardships. The goal is to connect these talented artists with those who need their services the most.



For more information about Groovetrail, email us at contact@groovetrail.org or call (406) 250-2233